Bespoke construction security service, consulting expertise, training & education, and accreditation testing to ensure icd-705 compliance.


Advanced Security for the Advancing Threat

Serving multiple divisions of the US government, military, and Defense Contractors on a global scale. Focused on the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD), as the exclusive 'one-stop-shop' that provides support and expertise across all areas of Intelligence Community Directive number 705 (ICD-705), including requirements identification, project planning, design, construction, inspections, testing, and final accreditation.
Proud to serve the US Government and businesses as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business.
Through many years of work across diverse ICD-705 projects, we recognized the US government’s ongoing demand for expertise and the limited support available to executive leadership of large Defense Contractors. Founded in 2018, Singularity Security Group exclusively services all aspects of this niche industry. Our team dedicates resources to fulfill specialty work involved in project management, services, training, and consulting that may fall outside the typical scope for many existing contractor businesses. SSG collectively brings nearly 40 years of firsthand experience and knowledge to support the US Government, with a specific focus on the DoD.
Continuously re-assessing how to support complex ICD-705 projects through advanced education and superior construction security services, customizing solutions through scrutiny to best serve the needs of individual customers. Evaluating project plans, facility design, cost estimation, contracts, requirements, site set-up, security, and final accreditation, utilizing our “Goldilocks approach” to ensure productivity, cost-efficiency, and accuracy. We accurately interpret unique ICD-705 industry challenges to communicate, qualify, and advise US government, military, defense contractor, and industry customers on the best course of action.
Advanced knowledge in all areas of the ICD-705 industry with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) specializing in:
  • Project Planning & Initial Requirements Identification
  • Development & Submission of the Pre-Construction Checklist, Pre-Construction Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC), Initial TEMPEST Checklist, and Construction Security Plan (CSP)
  • Construction Security Planning, Staffing, Cost Estimating, and Contracting
  • Design & Design Reviews (Including TEMPEST)
  • Construction, Inspections, Documentation, and Accreditation Requirement Confirmations
  • Pre-Accreditation Physical Inspections & Compliance Testing (STC & TEMPEST)
  • Accreditation & Final Documentation Submission
Decorative abstract design depicting linear rotational sequence  of a square, representing SSG's advanced knowledge in all areas of the ICD-705 industry
active AND past PROJECT EXPerience
125,000 sqft new build in Germany: complete SCIF, featuring full intelligence operational spaces.
80,000 sqft renovation in Italy: support efforts for SCIF to meet ICD-705 accreditation standards.
200,000 sqft new build in Hawaii: provide full Construction Site Security (CSS) services and subject matter expertise to enable SCIF facility with multiple interior CA/SAPF fulfilling ICD-705 requirements.
250,000 sqft renovation of unclassified space in Virginia: support initiative, facilitating upgrade to 50% SCIF and 50% OSS.
300,000 sqft new build in South Korea: comprised of multiple SCIFs, OSS, Foreign Military, and unclassified spaces.
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