Specialized ICD-705 services, ensuring construction site security. expertise in managing inspections and testing processes to navigate compliance parameters.


Construction Site Security (CSS) Personnel

We maintain a team of certified specialists, qualified for security staffing requirements on ICD-705 projects of any size, scope, complexity, and location around the world. Mitigating customer challenges throughout all phases while guaranteeing final accreditation. All of Singularity's CSS personnel are trained and certified through its Training & Education programs. Our staff facilitates support with project set-up, daily operations, access control, reporting, documentation, accreditation deficiency identification, and final accreditation—recruiting and deploying appropriate site security experts to address requirements for work both inside and outside of the US.
Abstract and decorative illustration of interlocking hexagons representing essential roles SSG specializes in: SSM, SSC, CST, CAG
site security manAgers
  • Required for all ICD-705 SCIF/SAPF construction and renovation projects.
  • Responsible for project security oversight, CSP enforcement, and ICD-705 adherence.
  • Perform security inspections and accreditation confirmations throughout the project.
  • Establish and maintain accreditation potential from start to finish throughout the project.
site security coordinators
  • May be required on projects inside/outside of the US.
  • Supports the SSM in daily operations and team management, filling in as the SSM when necessary.
  • Highly beneficial to support first-time SSMs on very large projects, and/or when government SSMs have other jobs, e.g., Special Security Officer (SSO).
Construction Surveillance Technicians
May be required on projects inside and outside of the US. Primarily used for two purposes (one or both):
  • Provide surveillance, as required by Accrediting Official (AO) and described in CSP, to mitigate risk through construction workers and progress to detect nefarious activities.
  • Provide Security and Accreditation Quality Control (QC) services by detecting, reporting, and tracking construction accreditation requirement deficiencies.
Cleared American Guards
  • May be required on projects inside/outside of the US
  • Provide risk mitigation, as required by AO and described in CSP, by providing access control and associated operations, e.g., documentation, personnel inspections, CCTV/IDS monitoring, badge creation, inventory, etc.

SCIF/SAPF Accreditation Compliance Inspections & Testing

Expertise in all aspects of ICD-705 SCIF/SAPF construction enables us to provide services, supporting accreditation compliance inspections and tests, including on-site project planning, instrumental STC/acoustic testing, RF/EM shielding testing, and physical security inspections.
Concentric circles representing Singularity Security Group's SCIF/SAPF Accreditation Compliance Inspections & Testing services.Illustration of sine wave, Concentric circles representing Singularity Security Group's Sound Transmission Class testing services.
Project Planning and
  • We ensure that our customers address all ICD-705 and AO requirements accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively
  • Concept Approval Request (CAR) Reviews & Project Requirements Identification Support
  • Site Assessment, Inspection, and Selection Support (critical for renovations)
  • Risk Assessments (Threat, Vulnerability, and Asset reviews and determinations)
  • Pre-Construction Checklist Completion
  • Pre-Construction FFC & Initial TEMPEST Checklist Completion: Construction Security Plan (CSP) Development, Review, Submission, and AO exchanges through approval and implementation-Accreditation Requirement Delivery to the Architecture Firm & Design Review Support
Sound Transmission Class (STC) Testing
Extensive experience with STC field testing and performing instrumental tests at multiple facilities for US government customers around the world. Our process involves testing in accordance with the ICD-705 and Chapter 9 of the Technical Specifications for the ICD/ICS-705, specifically for ASTM E336, the Standard Test Method for Measurement of Airborne Sound Attenuation Between Rooms in Buildings, founded on ASTM E90 and supported by ASTM E413.

Our SSMs (and most CSTs) go through our SCIF/SAPF Planning, Design, and Construction training to ensure the facility/aspects are designed and constructed to meet acoustic requirements, and SMEs perform instrumental STC testing for final SCIF/SAPF accreditation.
IEEE-299 Testing
Deep knowledge of Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA) requirements and facility design, leveraging accurately engineered TEMPEST Countermeasures to ensure performance. We test Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of Electromagnetically (EM) shielded enclosures in accordance with the IEEE-299 standard, or required user-specific protocols:
  • RF/EM Shielding testing is individually tailored to the customer and project requirements, with frequency ranges and attenuation levels determined for each facility, room, or enclosure based on CTTA and end-user needs
  • Providing technical reports of testing results at the conclusion, or as required by the customer, including methodology used, frequencies tested, and SE measured in dB of attenuation
  • In addition to SE testing, our team brings extensive knowledge of EM shielding construction and design to the project. Prior to and in conjunction with testing, we conduct physical inspections of the shielded enclosure to identify probable areas of concern and provide recommendations for remediation. All of our SSMs and CSTs are trained and certified through our Design, Construction, and Testing of Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosures course.
Physical Security Inspections
Singularity provides full scale physical inspections of secure project construction completion to ensure compliance with final accreditation requirements. We use an internal SCIF/SAPF Inspection Checklist to verify adherence to the ICD-705, DoDM 5105.21 and/or DoDM 5205.07, Project CSP, and final design package. Our team can accurately identify accreditation issues/concerns and recommend corrective actions and/or mitigations for customer implementation, enabling final SCIF/SAPF accreditation by the AO.
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