Focusing on the U.S. Intelligence Community, serving organizations within the Department of Defense, Contractors, and industry customers in addressing ICD-705 requirements.

Our team has partnered with a broad range of US government (all divisions of the Armed Forces of the United States) and industry customers on projects that fall under the purview of the IC and DoD, varying in size, timeline, complexity, and risk considerations. Supporting work on Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) and Special Access Program Facilities (SAPFs), from large-scale new construction to small renovations.

Well-versed and knowledgeable in navigating the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and Host Nation Agreements to work internationally, legally, and effectively. We plan projects in accordance with country SOFA to recruit and deploy security personnel, coordinating project set-up from day one with trained and qualified staff.
supporting us customers around the world, with expertise in the european and asian theaters
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8,000 sqft new build of SCIF facility.
Support various new-build projects, expanding and relocating US operations within Republic of Korea.
Manage contract for 2,000 sqft new build: SCIF Renovation of unclassified space.
Multiple renovations to bring unclassified and DCID-6/9 accredited SCIFs up to ICD-705 standards.
Consult on renovations to fulfill ICD-705 accreditation standards for unclassified and DCID-6/9 SCIFs.
Consult on new build and renovation projects to expanded and relocated operations for customers within Germany to ensure unclassified and DCID-6/9 SCIFs comply with ICD-705 accreditation standards.
Manage contracts for new build and renovation projects to expanded and relocated operations: support customers across the US on both unclassified and DCID-6/9 SCIFs to meet ICD-705 accreditation standards.
Support new build and renovation projects to expanded and relocated operations for UK customers: enable both unclassified and DCID-6/9 SCIFs to meet ICD-705 accreditation standards.
New build projects including multiple new SCIF facilities related to US operations within NATO.
Our SMEs leverage expertise to support and lead project execution:
Initial project requirements identification, site selection, cost estimation, risk assessments, concept approval requests, and overall accreditation requirements planning.
Developing, reviewing, submitting, and implementing the Construction Security Plan (CSP) and TEMPEST Checklist / TEMPEST Countermeasure Review (TCR).
Collaborating with the government construction agent Designer of Record (DOR) and Architect and Engineering (AE) firm to account for all project accreditation elements. In-depth support for initial design requirement translation along with detailed reviews at each phase.
Implementing CSP and establishing Secure Construction Site (SCS): SCS Design & Layout, Perimeter Fence Line, and Access Point locations, including Access Control Facility (ACF) and Secure Storage Area (SSA) identification, design, and installation/set-up. Staffing, deploying, and managing SSM Staff (CSTs, CAGs, and CEs), including SOP implementation and operational inspections.
Establishing and overseeing documentation of construction activities and accreditation requirements. Evaluating and tracking issues/concerns to ensure correction prior to final inspections.
Physical security inspections, and testing Sound Transmission Class (STC), Shielding Effectiveness (SE) Testing, FFC/TEMPEST Checklist completion, as well as the overall SCIF/SAPF accreditation process.
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