ICD-705 Education & Training Programs

all-inclusive ICD-705 training and education that supports THE U.S. government, military, and industry members.


Internationally accredited with certified Master Instructors, helping simplify complexities to drive SCIF and SAPF project success.

Featuring practical applications and evaluations throughout each learning event with a focus on relevant skills that can be utilized following course conclusion. We routinely update our courses with changes to policy, emerging technologies, and advancements in technical threats.

We offer standard and customized courses. Tailor-made programs include all standard presentations, individual portions, and can cover any topics related to ICD-705 and Construction Site Security (CSS). Our Mobile Training Team (MTT) can travel anywhere in the world to train and educate.

CERTIFICATION VS TRAINING: Our certification courses guide customers through the process of earning credentials to qualify for project work as an SSM, CST, CAG, or serving in a CSS personnel security position. Training courses provide general/advanced information on topics and areas related to the ICD-705 industry.


Site Security Manager Certification
Target audience consists of: SSOs, SSRs, GSSOs, PSOs, SSMs, and anyone who will either be performing as an SSM, or supervising its respective work. Intended for professionals that will manage or oversee CSS security contracts, and/or need knowledge of the correct process for CSP development, review, approval, and implementation. The certification training will focus on risk assessment, daily operations, project security planning, staffing plans, CSP development / implementation, and Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC) familiarization.
Construction Surveillance Technician Certification
Target audience consists of professionals serving as CSTs or SSMs. This course presents significant value to SSOs, SSRs, GSSOs, and PSOs working on SCIF/SAPF construction projects, and benefits those overseeing CSS contracts, e.g., CSTs, or professionals that need a basic understanding of CSS. The certification training includes familiarization with ICD-705 related documents, and provides instruction on the phases of SCIF/SAPF construction, as well as how to read blueprints. There will also be a featured discussion / instruction on listening devices and counterintelligence along with effective surveillance procedures for SCIF/SAPF projects.
Cleared American Guard Certification
Target audience consists of professionals intending to serve as CAGs, and who plan to manage or oversee CSS security, e.g., SSMs and CST leads. This course benefits those who will oversee CSS contracts, which includes the use of CAGs, covering CSS/CAG role basics. The certification training will feature in-depth conversations centered around access control/common physical site security measures, e.g., Identification checks, vehicle gates, CCTV, personnel searches, etc.


ICD-705 SCIF/SAPF Planning, Design, & Construction
Target audience consists of professionals involved in the SCIF/SAPF planning and design process, including: Architects, Engineers, SSOs, SSMs, Facilities, and anyone that needs to understand differences and impacts of SCIF/SAPF vs. other buildings, e.g., PEs, CEs, CORs, and KO/COs. Addressing:
- SCIF/SAPF Requirements Identification & Project Planning Considerations
- SCIF/SAPF Design Process & Construction Accreditation Requirements
- SCIF/SAPF Construction Familiarization & Required Documentation
Radio Frequency (RF) Shielded Enclosure Design, Testing, & TEMPEST Compliance
Target audience consists of: SSMs, SSRs, SSOs, AOs, GSSOs, CPSOs, PJs, PSOs, SAOs, and anyone responsible for designing or constructing shielded facilities, e.g., DORs, US Government facilities’ teams, and construction groups, e.g., NAVFAC, USACE, and AFCEC. This course focuses on the science related to TEMPEST requirements, as well as proper countermeasure design and installation, emphasizing RF foil, Dielectric Breaks, and Waveguides. There will also be a featured discussion around red and black separation, as well as power/data filters.
ICD-705 Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC) & TEMPEST Checklist Completion & Submission
Target audience consists of: SSMs, SSRs, SSOs, AOs, GSSOs, CPSOs, PJs, PSOs, and/or SAOs. This course addresses all questions within the Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC) and TEMPEST Checklist required for ICD-705 accreditation. This course will guide you in finding information to complete the checklists, and can support those involved in construction of SCIF/SAPFs to understand information needed for appropriate security personnel. Upon completion, students will be able to complete each checklist accurately for submission to the AO/SAO.
ICD-705 Overview & Fundamentals
Target audience: Anyone involved in the SCIF/SAPF planning, design, construction, and/or accreditation processes. This course will provide a general history of the directives, and a breakdown of the “Tech. Spec” chapters. The instruction is fundamental in presentation.
ICD-705 SCIF/SAPF Planning, Design, & Construction Familiarization
Target audience: Anyone involved in the SCIF/SAPF planning & design process, to include; Architects, Engineers, SSMs, SSOs, GSSOs, PJs, PSOs, Facilities, as well as anyone that needs to understand the differences and impacts of building a SCIF/SAPF compared to other buildings, including PEs, CEs, CORs, KO/COs. The instruction is fundamental in presentation compared to the 4-day in-person Design & Construction Course.
DoD Physical Security (PHYSEC) Special Security Officer (SSO)
/ in-person /
Target Audience consists of: Professionals who are responsible for the physical security and/or day-to-day operations relating to DoD SCIF/SAPF. This course intends to serve SSOs, SSRs, and GSSOs managing physical security documentation and inspections of secure spaces. NOTE: There are no pre-requisites for the course; however, it is strongly advised that any customers considering course registration first go through the DNI or DIA SSO course, or equivalent.
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