Full-scale SCIF/SAPF planning, design, construction, and accreditation consulting. Leading assessments, guidance, and strategic solutioning.


end-to-end support

Advanced support in navigating the entirety of ICD-705 projects—all sizes and complexities, anywhere in the world. We lead risk management identification and implementation, from initial project assessments and evaluations through the design, construction, and final accreditation phases, ensuring adherence from day one.

Our SMEs support your efforts on all project types and stages for SCIF and SAPF facilities, spanning simple 1-room requirements to large, complex projects such as 70,000 sqft underground cave systems, 2M sqft facilities of SCIF space, and comprehensive work overseas. SSG serves customers inside and outside the US with unmatched expertise in all areas of CSS project management.
Requirements Identification & Project Planning Phase
  • Project feasibility assessment: evaluate equipment and staff capacity, navigating security levels in flux based on changes that involve technical risk and complexities presented when working outside the US, e.g., legal constraints, and Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA), addressing the end-user mission with consideration to cost, schedule, project requirements, and final objectives
  • SSM Identification/Assignment, Risk Assessment, and Concept Approval
  • Pre-Construction Checklist, and Initial TEMPEST
  • Project planning and cost estimation
  • CSP development, outlining the security protective measures applied during all ICD-705 construction/renovation phases: planning, design, construction, and accreditation
design phase
Following Initial Requirements Identification, our team works with the government construction agent, A&E firm, and end-user to:
  • Develop the Initial floor plan and facility layout
  • Provide input on respective project accreditation requirements for ICD-705, the AO, and CTTA
  • Review each design iteration to address details that verify inclusion of accreditation requirements, ensuring accuracy and mitigating ambiguity. We identify deficiencies and provide corrective actions.
  • Support Final Review, Plan Finalization, and Construction Contract solicitation
  • Secure Construction Site (SCS) Site Set-Up, deploy SSM Staff members (CST/CAG), establish Access Control, and implement CSP for General Construction (GC) contractor, subcontractors, and all project stakeholders
  • Develop and implement project Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for security operations and CSP adherence
  • Report Accreditation incidents, including construction deficiencies that can impact final accreditation, and corrective actions to support final accreditation
  • Initiate final FFC, TEMPEST Checklist, and Complete security documentation requirements
  • Perform accreditation inspections and testing, to include physical inspections of SCIF/SAPF perimeter, STC Instrumental testing, and TEMPEST/RF testing
accreditaion phase
The ICS-700-1 defines Accreditation as:the formal certification by a Cognizant Security Authority (CSA) that a facility, designated area, or information system has met DNI security standards for handling, processing, discussing, disseminating, or storing SCI.
We support and oversee the development and submission of:
  • Completed Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC) for floor plans of the finished facility
  • Completed TEMPEST Checklist/Addendum A & B
  • Compartmented Area (CA) Checklist (if applicable)
  • Co-Use-Agreement (CUA) (if applicable)
  • UL2050 Certificate (for IDS)
  • SOPs
  • Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
  • Project documentation generated by SSM Staff (surveillance reports, incident reports, list of worker names, visitor logs, etc.), As-Builts/Record Drawings, Photographs, and CSA/AO documentation (as necessary)
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